Here you can find the most frequently asked questions and our answers:

Subject: Group lessons adult

1. Why do you not offer 4 hours with the adult group lessons?
We want to offer our adult guests relaxed afternoons – to do their own things, meeting friends, enjoying their hotel offers (sauna, swimming pool…) skiing with the family. But please see our special afternoon deals – (Mon – Thur. afternoon saver; Friday afternoon special or the Early Bird secession)

2. How long will it take for an adult beginner skier until he is able to ski with friends?
Our beginner program is based on a 4 days course – Sunday 4 hours/Mon – Wed.  2 hours in the mornings. With the beginner lesson you will learn the basics. After 4 days you should be able to ski the easy blue runs on the top. Additionaly you will get from your instructor also the exact explanation what slopes you can ski with your friends.

Subject: Group lessons children

3. How is the itinerary with the children´s courses?
At the grading on Sunday or Monday the children´s level will be tested through our instructors. The children classes will be set up immediately. The instructors are aimed to move the children if the level will changes, if the class is too high or too low for the child.

4. Is there a pick-up service for children through the ski school?
Yes there is. After the first day children we offer a pick-up service from “Hansis Sport Shop” at the gondola station. You have to make reservation the day before either in our office on top of the gondola at the Kinderalm or in our main office in the village. The instructor will bring the children to the course and will bring them back down to the bottom station in the afternoon. Please make sure that your child will have been booked into the lunch duty.

Subject: Starting with how many years

5. My child is 3,5 years – it could join the regular beginner group?
Children under 4 years start with the Mini Taster secession from 12.05 – 12.50h. The instructors are checking if the child would be ready to keep up with the “regular groups” (with children aged 4 – 14 years). At this lunchtime the instructors are working with max. 3 Mini´s quietly.  The parents or grandparents should join them with this special lesson.

6. Are children allowed to join the race if they are not having lessons, or joining the lesson only for 2 or 3 days?
The final race on Friday is only for ski school guests; it does not matter if the child only joins 2 days or even having only a couple of private lessons.

7. What nationality do your instructors have?
Most of our instructors are local, but they all speak English. We do have also Dutch, Japanese, Chinese, French or Italian speaking instructors. Our groups are always instructed in mixed languages.

Subject: KinderKaiserland

8. Will our children stay for the whole week in the KinderKaiserland?
No, the children will stay in the KinderKaiserland (beginner area) as long as the children are safe with the basics (braking, snow plow, first curves, getting up independently, driving the rope tow). They will be tested through the instructors and they will decide when the children will be ready for the “big slopes”

9. Can we enter and use the lifts in the KinderKaiserland on our own, without being a ski school guest?
No, the KinderKaiserland and the lifts in there can be used only during the lesson hours (10.00 – 12.00 and 13.30 – 15.30h or the Mini Taster secession 12.05 – 12.50h) with a guilty lesson ticket and only under attendance through our instructors.

Subject: Discounts

10. What is the VIP-pass – where can I get ?
Children who joined the lesson for the week (or at least 3 days) will get the Pass from their instructor. This pass will show what level your child passed and will give you and the ski school the idea what group level the child manage next time skiing (=point system). You will get also a reduction of Euro 5,- next time joining the ski school for the 4 or 5 days children group ticket. (Achtung nicht auf 3 Tage….)

11. We have 2 children; the whole family joining the ski school – what discount we can get? 
With the VIP-pass the children will get the reduction of Euro 5,- for the 4 or 5 days group lesson.

12. Are there any discounts for students?
This is not provided.