My snowboarding ability

Self rating of your snowboarding ability

The overview of the different levels will give you an idea what your skills are.
Please do not forget to fill in your level in the registration forms.
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We differentiate 6 skill levels


Level 6I am a complete beginner and have never been on a snowboard before.


Level 5I have been on a snowboard before. It´s been quite a while since then. I have problems to go straight but I can slide on the front side and/or the backside.


Level 4I am able to board on flat, blue slopes. I have problems with both sides’ curves/with one side curve but I can manage to slide directed in one way. In a steep area I am just sliding without curves. (Drifting)


Level 3I am able to do both sides curves on blue and red slopes. On draw path canals or narrow passages I still have problems. On flat parts I am able to do the curves partly on the edges (switch-drive)


Level 2I do not have to board on red runs and I am also boarded on black runs too. On steep parts I have problems to control the speed of short drives. On flat parts I am able to board “fakie” (short swinging – carving)


Level 1On black slopes I do not have any problems with short drives and I can control the speed. The carving is no problem either. I am interested in a free style course and off-piste boarding (short drives – master class)

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